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Croda's speciality additives are used in a wide range of end applications.  Some of the areas our products are used in are listed below, however this is not an exhaustive list.                        
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bullet point 2 Catalysts

Our dispersants allow for more stable dispersions of particulates, whether it be for production of ceramic monoliths or for producing a slurry of catalytically active partivles for coating catalyst substrates.

bullet point 2 Electronics

Croda products can add value in applications within the electronics industry such as silicon wafer processing (CMP) and for dispersing conductive particulates for conductive ink and paste formulations whilst enabling control of the rheology for printing.

bullet point 2 Advanced Ceramics and nanocomposites

Our products can also be used for dispersing particles in various advanced ceramic applications such as for production of solid oxide fuel cells, or dispersing nanoparticles into resins in order to produce nanocomposites.

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